Thursday, January 30, 2014

oDesk Review

oDesk is a global job marketplace that is build to help business find freelance workers.  It has been up and running for over 8 years and has a large following of users. This website is a great place to find freelance jobs and work online for a variety of companies. 

First off, this website is not a scam.  They have a good customer service team and they work very hard to keep their users happy.  The user base alone will tell you that it is a beneficial website as it now has over 2.5 million workers.

Obtaining Jobs

All of the jobs on oDesk are bid on.  This is both beneficial and not so beneficial.  The good thing is that you will never end up working for less than you want.  If you have an hourly wage you would like to earn then you will either receive it or not with the job.  The downfall of this is that there are a lot of people willing to do jobs cheaply.  This can make it tough to find jobs in your pay scale. 


As said before you get to determine your earnings on this site.  You won’t have to work for a wage you don’t like since you get to determine it.  One other thing to note though is that you will lose 10% of your earnings to oDesk as a fee for using their site.  This is actually a pretty small percentage compared to a lot of online work sites.

Quality Profiles

There are some great strategies to finding and winning bids on quality jobs on oDesk.  Even though the bidding system is in place there are other factors that go into who the business chooses to do the work.  Because of this it’s important to get good feedback scores as well as score highly on your tests.  This is the best way to let potential employers know that you are up to their tasks.

Overall oDesk is a good site to work on.  It may not fill all of your freelancing hours so its important to look around for other opportunities but oDesk is definitely a great starting point.

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