Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Writing SEO Content as an Income Source

SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" is a way for websites to get noticed through search results.  There is a huge market for people who are able to help bring a website to the front page of Google search results.  Unfortunately for web designers there is no magic button to press to make this work.  Instead they employ a variety of tactics to help their websites land on the front page.  Luckily for you, they can't do it alone, and this is where you can earn some income.

A large number of sites has sprung up in recent years offering potential writers pay to write articles that will be read by almost no one.  Instead they sit on sites that are only around to push another site to the front page.  There is a lot of technical knowledge that goes into this and it doesn't really matter that much.  What matters is that you can be paid just for writing basic articles on a variety of topics.  

Most of these websites like the article quality to be pretty decent so its very helpful if you are a native English speaker.  Past that, as long as you have decent writing skills you should be fine.  I would like to talk today about the two sites I have found to be the best available.

To start you will need to submit a sample writing piece as well as take a basic English test.  Make sure you take a little bit of time with each because they help make sure you get accepted as well as determine your pay rate.  Based on your ability you will get a ranking of 3-5 stars.  A 3 star ranking will give you a pay rate of $3.00 per 200 word article.  A 4 star ranking will bump it up to $3.30 per 200 word article.  Finally, if you achieve the 5 star ranking you will earn $3.30 per 200 word article but also have access to some extra, higher profit articles.
A 200 word article is pretty simple but when you write on topics you don't know, it can take a while.  The best way I have found to earn a high income is to find a group of articles on the same general topic.  Do the research you need for the first 20 minutes and then sit down and crank out some articles.  After the research you should be able to write 2-4 an hour giving you a nice pay rate anywhere from $6 to $13.20 an hour. 

Text Broker is another site that is very similar with a few changes.  It has the basic articles but if you are ranked high enough it can lead to better jobs writing actual content.  Once accepted Text Broker will give you a rating between 2 and 5 stars.  2 star writers are paid $0.0077 a word while 4 star writers are paid $0.0144 a word.  By doing some extra work upfront on the test and writing sample you can essentially double your earnings.  There is a 5 star rating as well but it seems you have to work up to that level.  If you successfully get to a 5 star ranking you earn $0.05 a word.

For a 200 word article these would translate to:
2 Star - $1.54
3 Star - $2.00
4 Star - $2.88
5 Star - $10

They generally don't pay quite as well as Writers Domain on a per word price.  However they generally offer longer articles that make it easier to write more content faster.

If you are looking to get into writing for income online these are two of the best sites around to get started on.  Both offer very good pay rates and have good customer service.


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