Friday, February 7, 2014

Building a Computer to Mine CryptoCurrencys

Mining Cryptocurrency has always been a side hobby of mine.  Lately I decided to look into building my own machine to do this.  Luckily with Scrypt Currencies the best way to mine them are with graphics cards.  This means you can build a computer centered around high end graphics cards and ignore everything else.

Lets start with the heart and sole of the machine.

Graphics Cards:

This is by far one of the best cards on the market for mining right now.  However it is very expensive for the return. 

This is the next step down.  It is a bit slower but is less than half the price.  The R9 270 is one of the most recommended cards to get started with.  This is the one I would advise you to get.

Now since you are building a machine around the graphics cards, it would be dumb to only use one.  I would suggest grabbing 3 of whichever card you choose.  This is your biggest expense but also the most important one.
The Rest:

Now you need the other components for your system.  For this you just need to find something cheap and manageable.  Some people might even have these spare parts lying around. 

In the end you can set up your system at it should look something like this:

You want to make sure everything is solidly attached.  Also make sure your graphics cards are straight up and down.

A rig like this should run you around $800-$1000 to put together.  Mining a variety of Scypt cryptocurrencies you can earn anywhere from $10-$30 a day depending on the quality of your rig, the going price of the currency and the difficulty of the blocks.

This means you can pay off your computer in around 1 to 3 months.  After that you will be earning pure profit while mining.  The great thing about this setup is that you still have a lot of hardware that is valuable.  If you decide to quit or crypto-currencies plummet you can usually get close to your initial investment back.


  1. How does this pan out for income vs power usage? is it still profitable?

  2. You should have no problem covering your increased energy cost. In order to make a good profit margin you will need to mine the right coins at the right time.