Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transcription Job: Casting Words

CastingWords is a great company to look into when looking for transcribing jobs.  They are a US based company that has been around for over 8 years now.  They offer a wide variety of transcription jobs from their website.

If you are looking at getting into transcription I would advise you to check out this post first.

Beginning on CastingWords:

To begin with you need to either sign up at CastingWords or at Mturk.  Generally all of their jobs are posted at both places.  The only real difference is how easy it is to search for jobs and when you will get paid. 

After you sign up, you will need to begin working.  Like most jobs this one requires you to start at the bottom and work up.  There is no test to take.  Instead you can look through some basic training and begin transcribing right away.  At first you will only have access to the lowest (worst paying) transcription jobs.

The Grading Process:

All of your work will be constantly graded at CastingWords.  Each piece will be graded and comments will be left for you so that you can grow as a transcriptionist.  As you earn higher grades you will be given access to more (and better paying) work. 

The Pay:

Pay for most jobs is around $1 per audio minute transcribed.  However sometimes it can get as high as $2 per audio minute.  CastingWords has a very competitive pay rate as far at transcription services go.

The Work Day:

Your workday can be whatever you want it to be.  There are no set hours.  The only thing that is necessary is that you meet a projects deadline.


The number one tip I can give you is not to assume you know everything and jump into a project.  Take some time to read the guides and make sure you know how to properly format the documents.  Also its much better to pick up short works first.  This way if you make a mistake you have only lost 10-15 minutes of work instead of several hours.

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