Thursday, February 27, 2014

Transcription Job Review: SpeechInk

SpeechInk is another company that provides transcription jobs for a wide range of users.  They are great for veterans or beginners as they have a wide variety of work. They are very similar to CastingWords though they do have a few differences.

Getting Started:

SpeechInk posts all of their transcription jobs on Mturk.  This makes it pretty simple to get registered and ready to begin working.  After you are signed up for Mturk you can just search for the submitter SpeechInk and have access to all of their jobs.

After you are registered take some time to look through and review the Quick Start guide.  It will show you what SpeechInk is looking for in their transcription work.  It will also help you start off with an excellent rating which will help you get accepted for actual jobs.


Not all of SpeechInks jobs will be available from the beginning.  Many will require you to pass a qualifications test.  There are two types of qualifications, the Rating qualification and the Confidentiality qualification.  The first shows that you have mastered their standards and will do an excellent job and the second ensures that you understand and will adhere to the confidentiality of a job.

The Pay:

SpeechInk pays anywhere from around $15-$30 per audio hour transcribed.


SpeechInk has recently started a bonus program.  Every transcription job you complete will be given a rating.   Your work is rated between 0 and 100.  The higher you score on this rating the more of a bonus you will receive.  If you rate high enough you will earn a bonus up to 50% of the job reward.

Overall SpeechInk is a great transcription service for people looking to get into transcribing.  Doing well on their highest paying jobs could very well net you $45 per audio hour which is very good for a program open to everyone.

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