Monday, March 10, 2014

Online Resale: Clothing Tips

Reselling used clothing can be a very profitable endeavor.  While not a true work from home job, most of the work is done in your home.  Income earned from reselling clothes can vary from a few extra bucks every week to thousands of dollars a month.  Becoming successful in it can take a lot of trial and error and practice.  

I am going to share some great tips and best practices with you today to help you make this hobby a potential full time job.

Know your brands:

Knowledge of your product is the first key to success.  The quicker you can look through racks of clothing at consignment stores and resale shops, the more inventory you can buy.  Having a good knowledge of brands and what they sell for is one of the most necessary skills you can develop. Unfortunately you can't just learn designer names, you also need to know product lines as well.

This is an example of different product lines:

Ralph Lauren Purple Label  -  Top of the line quality, sells very well
Ralph Lauren Black Label  -  A little lower than purple label, still sells very well
Polo Ralph Lauren  -  Medium level quality, can sell well depending on the piece
Rugby (RRL)  -  Medium level quality, sells a bit better than Polo
Lauren Ralph Lauren  -  Diffusion line, worthless
Chaps Ralph Lauren  -  Diffusion line, worthless

Depending on the line, a Ralph Lauren Suit might sell for anywhere from $400+ to $1.  Knowledge of this is amazingly helpful and can only be developed over time.

Searching Ebay:

Many people search ebay the wrong way.  They punch in an item and see what others are listing it at. Great, now you know what other people want for it.  However, I can list a rock I found in my backyard for $1000.  That doesn't mean anyone is paying for it.  The correct way to do it is to search in the sold listings.  Find out what people are actually getting for an item and see if it is actually selling.  This has saved me countless times from overpaying for an item.

Ebay - An Overview

I could write 100 pages on how to be successful on ebay.  However I need to keep it to a simple blogpost.  So I will summarize a few of the most important things.


Maximize your title, meaning fill it up with words.  Post as much as you can in there, size, color, brand, descriptive words, everything.  The more searchings your item comes up in the better chance you have of it selling.

Buy it now vs. Auction
Use Auction for common size popular items.  Use buy it now for odd sized items or unpopular items.


Keep your descriptions clean and neat.  Also include relevant measurements.  Taking an extra 2 minutes to measure a piece and record it will make it sell that much easier/faster.


This is a big one.  You need to make your item look desirable.  You might have a top of the line suit, but if your pictures are awful no one is going to want it.

Invest in a dress form mannequin if you resell a lot of suits.  They run about $100 and it will pay for itself many times over.

This is the best one I have found.

Pants and Dress Shirts can be folded like you would see in a store.

Invest in a few pairs of shoe trees for different size shoes.
One pair of mediums should hold most people to begin with.  You can also find them at thrift stores sometimes for $5-$10.

Take 5 minutes to clean any shoes you sell.  Clean out any dirt, replace or remove laces if necessary. Shoes are the simplest thing to sell and having clean ones can double or triple your selling price.

There are lots of simple tricks to beginning and maintaining a successful clothing resale business.  Hopefully these come in handy as you build your business.


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