Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GPT Site Review: CashCrate

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!A while ago I talked about the best GPT sites to be a part of.  GPT (Get paid to) sites are basic income earners.  You aren't going to get rich doing them but they aren't a terrible idea for using in your down time.  CashCrate is by far my favorite GPT site.  They pay well and have proven themselves as a legitimate income earner time and again.

CashCrate like all GPT sites offers a variety of ways to earn income. Overall they offer a pretty decent rate depending on how you choose to use them.

Offers / Bonus Offers:
These are the highest earners.  They offer a variety of sites and trials to sign up for.  Most of these pay pretty well.  Many will allow you to use a service for a week and reward you with more than the cost of that service.

I always check these out whenever I am planning on signing up for a new service online.  Thinking of getting Hulu Plus?  Sign up through Cashcrate and earn $4.50.   When I needed a domain on GoDaddy, I purchased through Cashcrate and earned $16.  Registering a domain on GoDaddy only costs $10 so using the Cashcrate link I made $6 in profit for something I was going to spend money on.

Surveys / Top Surveys / Bonus Surveys:
These will generally be your main way of earning money.  They offer a variety of surveys and most pay around $1.

Its a good idea to check out the forums and see which surveys worked well that day.  People post in the forums whenever a survey credits for them.  This way you can ignore the ones that may not work and focus on completing the ones that will earn you income.


Cashcrate is an amazing online program that has been paying out for years.  I just broke the $900 mark in earnings last month after only 6 months.  Using them in my spare time I have earned on average, an extra $150 a month.

If you are interested, make sure to check them out here: CashCrate

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